Culdee of Glastonbury       Effective Charters on Glasonbury Monks being Sovereign equals to the Monarch.

              500 books widely available on the topic of Glastonbury being the first above ground church.


     As known the world over: "the most hallowed ground on earth", "The Sacred Isle", "The Motherland", "the Old Church", "the Mother of Saints" "the Second Rome",  "the Cradle of Christianity", "Built by the Hands of God Himself", "the fountain and origin of all religion", "built by the hands of Christ Himself (- Augustine's own admission)".




Never Pillaged Nor Defiled


Glastonbury Abbey is a jurisdiction framed directly by the early Apostles, and by Jesus Himself. This point of seniority has been used in legal disputes with foreign nations and to deflect Vatican interference in England. England's seniority claims as Joseph of Arimathea being their founder at Glastonbury has been upheld by more than twenty papal bulls. These claims have never been disputed by the Vatican. Even when ignorance to these facts has prevailed, there remained a jurisdiction of scholars at Glastonbury that never bowed to outside interference.


Glastonbury Monks retained rights equal to the Monarch within all their lands.

Glastonbury Abbots were chosen only among their own body of Monks.

Glastonbury Monks had many rights equal to the Monarch throughout England.

Glastonbury Monks were the high council of ruling Kings of England. As often the ruling monarchs had made Glastonbury Abbey their main, or their only court for ruling the nation.

Glastonbury Monks were often the royals and ruling monarchs.

Glastonbury Monks rights were recognized by many goverments of the world.

Glastonbury Monks were primarily married clergy, living at the abbey with their wives. (At some stages, Benedictines and celibates were banished and their leaders expelled from all of England. Ninety percent of Benedictines were later executed or run out of England by the Danes. Only Glastonbury was protected by them.)

Glastonbury Abbey was never under a Bishop. (One time for about 10 years there was under one international negotiation to secure the release of King Richard I from German captivity. To secure his release, the Duke of Austria and King of Germany required that their cousin was placed over the Bishopric of Wells that Glastonbury be placed under the jurisdiction of Wells. That was never successful as the local structure of the Monks electing the Abbot protected them.)

Gastonbury Abbey was never pillaged nor attacked by the Saxons or any other. (It took a traiter from within, King Henry VIII.)

Glastonbury Monks have legally claimed successors.


There was only one Monk John Nott, who not only risked not signing away those rights to Henry VIII, but also had registered several formal petitions with the Queen. His letters with great authority petitioned to the Queen for he and his successors to have the title of Glastonbury. The Queen died quickly before being able to make the deed. Nevertheless the petition was all that is required to ensure all knew the rights weren't surrendered by the one Monk John Nott and those in his culdee sucession. (Later built Glastonbury in America and wrote America's first consititution "for maintaining the purity of the gospel.) Yet for the old Glastonbury no one could rise up to the task.