Culdee of Glastonbury       Effective Charters on Glasonbury Monks being Sovereign equals to the Monarch.

              500 books widely available on the topic of Glastonbury being the first above ground church.


     As known the world over: "the most hallowed ground on earth", "The Sacred Isle", "The Motherland", "the Old Church", "the Mother of Saints" "the Second Rome",  "the Cradle of Christianity", "Built by the Hands of God Himself", "the fountain and origin of all religion", "built by the hands of Christ Himself".


NOTICE: Glastonbury Monks Seek to Elect New Hard Working Abbot

Please submit any names for election if believed to be a worthy candidate for Glastonbury. These would have to either demonstrate a clear succession through one of the Saints mentioned in "130 Saints before Augustine at Britain" download PDF from, or they will have to be active in daily worship services. Celtic Hebrew materials are available. One fond of the rebuilding efforts, in agreement with the Hebrew Laws of the ancient faith will have the best chances (Culdees Keep the Law of Moses). The Hebrew faith of all the Saints on the list. Culdees or "old priests" are known for what they were, and will need to be what they were once again, in order to achieve God's Mission to be a Witness of His Kingdom Governance on earth, before the end comes. 

The Monks of Glastonbury are called for Assembly this Coming Passover(Easter) 2015.

ABBOT ELECTION ON PASSOVER 2015 at Glastonbury! The election will take place in the middle of the feast of Unleavened Bread on the 9th of April.

All qualified Christians who feel the desire to be part of daily Monastic services of Glastonbury are welcome, no matter where you are. The prayers still reach this holy place. Come annually if you can. Register now with Lord Prior Rev Stephen MK at

As per the many Charters of Glastonbury, ONLY the Monks can choose their Abbot out of their own body. Rev Stephen MK made a legal claim to restart the services. It is a lot of work, and the workers who do Worship and Charity will be appropriate. 
No external Bishops can claim jurisdiction. See Apostolic Succession. Glastonbury is independent. In following the original laws, and Hebrew law, our Monks are reassembling. 

Note, I personally will not be putting in my name for election. I one day wish to be Bishop of another See (more action), It is one of which that I have more lines of succession.

Thank you for bearing with us as our website has been under development. It is going to be more professional soon, with members only section for the Monks, as with Priory of Salem. More of our projects like this one will be announced to about 30,000 subscribers (who subscribed as interested through We only send special messages quarterly per year to that master list. If you would like to be removed from this list reply with the words "unsubscribe". 

May Israel's God Bless,

Rev Stephen MK
Glastonbury Monk / Lord Prior 
Culdee of Glastonbury










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