Culdee of Glastonbury

       Effective Charters on Glasonbury Clergy being Sovereign equals to the Monarch.

              500 books widely available on the topic of Glastonbury being the first above ground church.


     As known the world over: "the most hallowed ground on earth", "The Sacred Isle", "The Motherland", "the Old Church", "the Mother of Saints" "the Second Rome",  "the Cradle of Christianity", "Built by the Hands of God Himself", "the fountain and origin of all religion", "built by the hands of Christ Himself (- Augustine's own admission)".

++H.E. Dr.  Stephen Michael (Nott-Brunswick), Lord Prior

- our Clergy perform the daily Divine services at Glastonbury and remotely in unity.

Our liturgy is based on the Apostles Didascalia, the Didache, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Book of Common Prayer.



Join the Annual Pilgrimage Festivals at Our Holy Sites.


NOTICE: Abbot Wanted!

As per the many Charters of Glastonbury, ONLY the Monks(or Clergy) can choose their Abbot from out of their own body. No external Bishops can claim jurisdiction. Glastonbury is independent. In following the original laws, and Hebrew law, our Clergy are reassembling.

Our 2016 Election at Glastonbury, was indecisive. We have not yet elected Glastonbury Abbot of the order of Culdees, Abp. Stephen Michael remains Lord Prior.

All who feel the desire to be part of daily Monastic services of Glastonbury are welcome to inquire.

However, beware, the God of Israel will punish all who refuse to be righteous, godly and holy. If you are not holy you will not do well at all. Honour and integrity is a must, but celibacy is not required. Most always the Clergy had their wives at the Glastonbury Monastery and there were born to them many children.
Come annually if you can. We can all praise Him and delight together in all His wonderful laws, and rejoice on His merry days.

H.E. The Lord Prior of Glastonbury


Archbishop Parker, the first Archbishop of Canterbury in the reign of Queen Elizabeth promised in his letter to Calvin, concerning the proposal of a union among all Protestants, reminding him that the Church of England would "retain her Episcopacy; but not as from Pope Gregory, who sent Augustine the monk hither, but from Joseph of Arimathea."

Glastonbury's Abbey was four times larger than Constantinople's Cathedral. (Up close view, looking in.)

(Photo taken from New Ensign Magazine Dec 2010. Article "Rev Stephen MK Reclaiming Glastonbury")

Jesus commanded us to "seek first" and pray daily for His Kingdom Governance to be done on earth according to His good laws. It says that we will have "Godly cities" like Jerusalem and eventually His people will be a witness of His Kingdom law governance (like David's Kingdom) before the end does come. There will be many "new jerusalems" like the one old Jerusalem. It says "the cities of God that are spread abroad" (Zec 1, Mat 10). Many have arisen with full knowledge of His law and Israelite genealogies, like in the Welsh Pedigrees of Saints, also known as, "Bonedd y Saint”, “the St. Ynys Prydain”, or “Pedigrees of the Saints of Britain”. Several of them go back to Joseph of Arimathea and his monestary of twelve hydes of land at Glastonbury.

The God of Israel has raised a great witness of keeping His glorious promises. His glorious honour has been shown in the Israelite national laws of Christendom. This has been most evident among the Glastonbury Culdee (old Gothic and Celtic Monks and Priests) of the Christian nations. We are His true Israel nations who were scattered abroad in 800BC.

Numerous Royals and Clergy used Glastonbury's status to exert their independence from Rome. In each case Rome and the Vatican passively accepted Glastonbury's claim of a higher status that was not subject to Rome. This status was endorsed in about 30 Papal Bulls. Such rights confirmed in the Charters and Papal Bulls were higher than any order of Clergy have ever had, not even the Knights Templar had as many rights/obligations.

" the priests under the law(Rabbis), they were succeeded by inheritance"

" the church of Saint Andrews the Culdees came into the office hereditarily"

"The Culdees of Ireland practiced hereditary succession, the Bishopric of Armagh, could demonstrate fifteen generations." - Jamison's "Ancient Culdees", Chapter 2 (more also read our article "Apostolic Succession")


John Nott, Glastonbury Monk, petitioned Queen Elizabeth for the restoration of Glasonbury Abbey title to him and his successors. He was the only petitioning Monk who refused to sign Henry VIII's Act of Supremacy and escaped with his life. - House of Cnott


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Presently Recruiting:

Write to if you would like to volunteer in the rebuilding efforts of the See of Glastonbury. Currently ++H.E. Dr. Stephen Michael (Nott-Brunswick) serves as Lord Prior. More information

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